PDGB avocats

Since its establishment in 1985, PDGB has enjoyed constant growth thanks to the involvement of all its partners and associates, their commitment and responsiveness to clients, the contribution of new expertise and the development of interdepartmental co-ordination. PDGB is now one of the leading business law firms in Paris.

As part of its expansion, the law firm has reinforced and broadened its areas of expertise. It has, in particular, extended its legal capability to new business sectors and is now part of an international network that  counts 15.000 lawyers coming from 150 law firms in more than 100 countries.

PDGB now comprises almost one hundred professionals in 2 000 m² of dedicated office space.

Mainly focused on the legal needs of the business world, companies and their managers, PDGB serves its French and international clients by advising them, negotiating contracts and settling disputes in various areas of business such as :

• finance and banking • industry • trade • tertiary activities • media

The distinctive feature of PDGB is a team approach in which several lawyers with expertise in various practice areas are brought together and to take advantage of how they complement their respective areas of expertise. What could be more reassuring, in the negotiation of a contract, or the settlement of a dispute, than having the benefit of a co-ordinated or “cross-functional” assessment that takes into consideration every correlated aspect of the case!

As a result of these initiatives, PDGB has been rated one of the 50 most productive and 50 largest business law firms in France*.

Nos avocats
Thibaut Marcerou
Thierry Guillois
Laura Amiech-Carre
Arnaud Giroire
Philippe Laye
Crystal Maguet
Marie Albertini
Judy Attiach
Frédérique Vannoote-Allais
Théophile Faure-Cachard
Emeline Dudin
Philippe Julien
Caroline Lacotte
Lorène Zelikson
Mireille Touré-Farah
Ambre Delepine
Mathieu Bombard
Sam Guyonvarch
Dawid Hymczak
Hélène Lebon
Lambert-Adrien Jacquet
Bertrand Jardel
Christophe Vannoote
Nicolas Le Rossignol
Armance Degand
Valentin Simonnet
Thierry Jestin
Sarah Bouamoud
Robert Meilichzon
Marie-Séverine Tomaka
Olwen Collon
Clémence de Lisleroy
Raymond Pouget
Michel Meyer
Christian Bur
Roy Arakélian
Héléna Clet
Xavier Hugon
Mélanie Rouillon
Vincent Garcia
Charlotte Riberprey
Charles Dubreuil
Marie Content
Laurent Jahangard
Gérald Bachasson
Denis Agranier
Thomas Bedoiseau
Nina Gilles
Clothilde Fromaget
Benjamin Jacob
Jean-Marie Gueguen
Olivier Decombe
Patricia Gomez-Talimi
Philippe Bouillon
Alexandre de Gouyon Matignon
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