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M&A - Corporate

Context and needs

Business life is now dependent on profitability, productivity, critical size and globalisation requirements dictated by shareholders and financial investors.

As a result, the number of mergers, acquisitions or reorganisations is growing. They require accurate and creative legal and fiscal approaches with regard to negotiation, support, advising, strategic choices and implementation.



Areas of expertise


  • Legal and tax restructuring : mergers, sales, acquisitions, LBO, LBI …
  • Legal and tax structuring of capital development and venture-capital deals
  • Assistance in negotiations during sales and acquisitions
  • Pre-investment and acquisition audits
  • Legal and tax structure optimisation
  • Stock exchange transactions (stock exchange listing/delisting)
  • Establishment of companies; amendment of bylaws; issuance of investment securities; changes of corporate form
  • Management of firm’s legal file; collective decisions, management rules, intergroup agreements
  • Estate planning
  • Settlement of shareholders’ disputes, preparation of representations and warranties and disputes related thereto
  • Assistance to firms in difficulty (prevention, reorganisation, statement of stopping of payments, restructuring and reorganisation; assistance in the court’s chambers
  • Assistance to those managing take-over; offers to take over (creating, presenting, making offers)
  • Strategic counselling on general direction of companies and groups


The PDGB process

Based on its dual legal and tax expertise, in the attorneys in the company law department, in close collaboration with other skills within the firm. PDGB implements and co-ordinates all steps required, from acquisition audits to the completion of legal documentation.

The attorneys assess the risks and financial implications of all types of transactions for a diversified client base in France and abroad, optimising the interests of companies and of their managers, while providing security through efficient legal oversight. PDGB’s acknowledged experience and its special ability to draw on multidisciplinary and reactive teams allow it to efficiently assist any entrepreneurial project.

Christophe Vannoote
Roy Arakélian
Charlotte Riberprey
Raymond Pouget
Armance Degand
Olwen Collon
Ambre Delepine
Nathalie Silo
Legal assistant
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19 January 2017 - Guide Décideurs 2016

Roy Arakelian, Christophe Vannoote et Charlotte Riberprey-Jacob ont été référencés pour leur pratique excellente.

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