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The context and needs

Each company and its manager must take tax impacts into account for all strategic decisions regarding reorganisation, growth, new locations and investment decisions.

The complexity and weight of all kinds of taxation, whether direct taxes including local taxes, or indirect taxes, must be checked, monitored and optimised.

Lastly, every taxpayer is periodically confronted with the tax administration, whether for checks or because of a dispute.


Areas of intervention

  • Taxation of companies, managers and individuals, including wealth tax;
  • Optimisation and transfer of assets;
  • Taxation relating to the development or establishment of French companies abroad and foreign companies in France;
  • Taxation of expatriate and French-resident employees;
  • Tax audits and the optimisation of situations encountered in conventional taxation (CIT and VAT, direct taxes, local taxes);
  • Assistance with direct or indirect real estate taxation with sector players (financial leasing institutions, builders, property dealers, users, etc.);
  • Direct local taxation (company value-added contributions/employers' flat rate contributions, property tax, office-space tax);
  • Tax inspections and disputes.

PDGB has developed specific expertise in the banking, pharmaceutical, industry and distribution sectors.


The PDGB approach

PDGB intervenes upstream in consulting and managing company and manager taxation, and downstream in inspecting accounting or personal tax situations, implementing hierarchical appeals, negotiating tax transactions and managing tax disputes.

The tax team carries out audits relating to acquisitions and restructuring operations and completes all the formalities and tax returns arising from them (approval applications, etc.).

PDGB is also recognised as one of the top local taxation firms in France, particularly in the context of audit assignments, property tax and Company value-added contributions/employers' flat rate contributions.

Thierry Jestin
Olivier Decombe
Vincent Garcia
Christian Bur
Frédérique Vannoote-Allais
Clémence de Lisleroy
Arnaud Giroire
Marie-Séverine Tomaka
Mireille Touré-Farah
Lambert-Adrien Jacquet
Nathalie Silo
Legal assistant
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Legal assistant
23 February 2018 - Jurisassociations 572

Par Thierry GUILLOIS et Christian BUR, associés PDGB.

18 October 2017 - Jurisassociations 567

Article à paraitre dans le numéro de novembre de Jurisassociations.

06 October 2017 - Guide Décideurs 2017

Olivier DECOMBE était interviewé par Décideurs Magazine pour le Guide Stratégies Financières & Fiscales 2017.

26 September 2017 -

Les groupements TVA (article 261 B du CGI) constitués dans les secteurs bancaire et assurance sont exclus de l’exonération de TVA.

31 August 2017 -

Dans le guide Stratégies financières et fiscales, Décideurs Magazine classe PDGB en "excellent".

31 August 2017 -

Dans le guide Stratégies financières et fiscales, Décideurs Magazine classe PDGB en "forte notoriété".

17 May 2017 - FLASH INFO

L'équipe fiscale de PDGB commente la décision du 04 Mai 2017 de la CJUE dans l'affaire C-274/15.

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Le Guide Décideurs "Gestion de patrimoine & Gestion d'actifs" classe le département fiscal de PDGB

17 January 2017 -

Dans son guide "Stratégies financières et fiscales" 2016, Décideurs magazine met à l'honneur Olivier Decombe.

09 November 2016 -

La formation aura lieu le 29/11/16, et portera sur l'environnement fiscal de la cession et sur le montage de l'opération de LBO.

20 May 2015 - AFIC

18/06/2015 Thierry Jestin et Christophe Vannoote,ont animé une formation AFIC sur la fiscalité appliquée au capital-investissement.

23 February 2015 - Décideurs

Thierry Jestin, associé PDGB, est cité dans Décideurs

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21 May 2014 - Décideurs, Stratégies financières et fiscales
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