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Real Estate

The Property Law department brings together the skills needed to deal with all the legal, judicial and taxation questions asked by players in the real estate sector.

The Property Law team assists its clients in all their project stages: feasibility, implementation and execution. It ensures the coordination of actions with other players (administrative and tax authorities, notaries, surveyors, inspection offices, companies in the sector, etc.).

The Property Law team advises a diverse customer base, both French and foreign, in the real estate sector: insurance companies, property companies, institutions, investment funds, credit institutions, developers and users.

It assists its clients as advisors and in litigation.


The context and needs

Real estate (particularly with respect to offices, commerce, industry) has become an asset class in its own right and its management takes place within a more integrated vision of operational structures and with a view to maximizing its value to the company. Property law is following this trend. There are more players, the transactions are more complex and negotiating, drafting and monitoring the various contracts require a more proactive involvement of the legal function.

In this context, the use of a team of specialists has become a necessary component in the implementation, structuring and monitoring of a real estate transaction.



  • Real estate investment and finance (secured and unsecured): The Property Law team offers a comprehensive service for managing transactions: from the legal and tax aspects of the transaction to be implemented to negotiating and drafting the various contracts. The team has developed advanced knowledge of real estate financing techniques.
  • Acquisitions, transfers: The Property Law team assists the client in selecting the legal arrangements to be put in place for making an investment or selling a real estate portfolio. The team works on all acquisitions, transfers and restructurings in the areas of industrial real estate, office real estate, commercial real estate and leisure industries. It works on all the legal and tax aspects of acquisitions and transfers – due diligence; drafting and negotiating contracts (sales, sales prior to completion, etc. –and the guarantees involved in these transactions; post-acquisition assistance). The Property Law team is involved in creating and structuring real estate investment vehicles (SIIC, OPCI and associated management companies).
  • Real estate construction and promotion: The Property Law team assists its clients in drafting all kinds of real estate projects. It intervenes from the negotiation of the acquisition or the sale of land and building rights to the completion and acceptance of the work. The team carries out legal feasibility studies and legal audits, helps to draft and prepare contracts and ensures the legal security of the transaction.
  • Town planning: The Property Law team takes care of all development projects. It assists its clients with all the administrative procedures such as authorization requests (construction permits, demolition permits and development permits). It informs its clients about the national and local town planning regulations in force, especially licensing and charges that are specific to the Greater Paris area.
  • Public contracts: The Property Law team assists its clients in negotiating the signing of public contracts: public-private partnerships, delegating work and public services. It also drafts temporary occupation of public domain contracts.
  • Leases: The Property Law team assists clients in negotiating the signing of definitive documentation (lease, leave, renewal of lease applications). The Property Law team assists its clients in drafting various leases such as commercial leases, business leases, building leases, long-term leases and civil leases. The team deals with all disputes concerning leases: proper execution of leases (orders, resolutory clauses, legal resolution), judicial fixation procedures for rent, eviction and occupation compensation and despecialisation procedures.
  • Insurance: The Property Law team also includes a renowned practice in respect of property related insurance issues, especially regarding construction.


The PDGB approach

PDGB's Property Law team draws upon experience gained over more than thirty years serving real estate financiers, investors and developers.

It favours a pragmatic approach, geared towards the developer's practical needs and aims to provide the service expected, within the agreed period, at the agreed cost.

When your transactions so require, the team calls upon the expertise of the firm's other departments (taxation, corporate, public law) which possess a large knowledge of real estate specificities in relation to their respective practice.

Jean-Marie Gueguen
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05 September 2019 - LCI Immobilier

Vincent Garcia, associé PDGB, intervient auprès de LCI concernant la hausse des taxes foncières L'UNPI s'émeut des récentes hausses de taxe foncières observées à travers le territoire, qui s'élèveraient jusqu'à 136% pour certains contribuables. Faut-il se fier à ce chiffre, largement relayé ?

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