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Business - Disputes - Arbitration

The context and needs

The setting up, operating and developing of companies is governed by increasing complex legislation which requires expertise and assistance from consultants specialising in the various areas of business law, capable of ensuring optimum security to companies.

In case of difficulty, the manager must always demonstrate responsiveness and set out a strategy, possibly a legal one, making it possible to best safeguard the interests of the company (securing its receivables and supplies, securing guarantees, preserving its rights, acting against unfair competition, etc.).


Areas of intervention


Company law : 

  • Real estate/project management;
  • Construction leases/long leases;
  • Commercial leases;
  • Acquisitions/asset transfers;          
  • Special financing/guarantees;
  • Factoring/credit insurance;
  • Banking relationships.


Contract law :

  • Audit contracts and commitments;
  • Terms and conditions (sales/purchases);
  • Procurement/supplies/reworking;
  • Inter-company cooperation agreements;
  • Outsourcing (deconsolidating outsourcing);
  • Exclusive or selective distribution;
  • Franchise/network;
  • Competition law, merger law (internal and community) and consumer law.


Prevention of and dealing with company difficulties:

  •  Ad hoc mandates/amicable settlement;
  • Legal reorganisation and liquidation;
  • Management liability.


Procedure :

  • Mediation/transaction;
  • Arbitration (ICC and internal);
  • Business litigation.


The PDGB approach

Teams specialising in business law work with French and foreign clients to assist and advise company managers and/or decision makers, particularly when negotiating, drafting, executing or terminating contracts and agreements.

They also handle the implementation and coordination of necessary lawsuits before the judicial or arbitration courts.

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