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2019 TerraLex guide to navigating cross-border copyright rules !
Benjamin Jacob - Sam Guyonvarch - Clothilde Fromaget

Benjamin JACOB and his team are proud to have participated once again in the writing of the "TerraLex Cross-Border Guide to Copyright" for the 4th edition (2019).This guide provides a summary of copyright law as applied in 24 countries.

In order to provide an overview of the law applicable in the most significant jurisdictions, the Terralex Cross-Border Guide to Copyright draws on the expertise of lawyers from leading law firms, such as RPC for the United Kingdom, Nixon Peabody for the United States, Zhong Lun Law for China, and SKW SCHWARZ for Germany.

Explore questions regarding legislation and regulation, ownership, infringement, remedies, enforcement and copyright reform on a country-by-country basis by downloading the full guide covering 24 jurisdictions. Find the Guide on RPC’s website, by clicking here!

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